Makran Oil Persian Gulf

  • Safe implementation of projects
  • Intended for Comprehensive National Needs
  • Timely execution of projects
  • Implementation of projects within the approved budget
  • Maintain quality and ecological balance in the process of project implementation by adopting –appropriate methods
  • Thoughtful and Prospective Implementation of Projects to Utilize Present and Future Generations of Underground Resources
  • Adopt an appropriate approach to achieve the systematic and logical needs of projects and clarify their status
  • Adopt appropriate solutions for implementation of projects within the framework of national and international standards and methods



2626 Billion

  Trading Volumes

1180 Billion


1 Million


1 Billion

Product Values

Some Active Projects


Independent Petrochemical Unit

The petrochemical industry is a part of the chemical industry that produces chemical products from raw materials derived from oil or natural gas. Nowadays, petroleum products play a valuable role…

LPG Storage Tanks

LPG is a refinery by-product of natural gas refining and crude oil refining. The thermal value of liquefied petroleum gas is 2.8 MJ / kg, which is higher than gasoline and petroleum oil and produces higher energy…

Watermelon Processing Project

The watermelon processing project is a part of the Jihad Agricultural Conversion Industries division and employs directly for 5 people and will be built on a 6,000-square-meter land in the Gambron industrial town whose…

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